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Hey there!


That's me Cyrille, and I want everyone to feel strong, free, vibrant, and deeply satisfied with life.

I envision a world where everyone feels fullfilled in all areas of their life, especially in the relationship with themselves, as it is the basis, the source, the spring from which all the rest grows.

Over years and years of countless changes, trials, errors, and refinement, I have found my center and experience peace daily. My heart wants you to experience the same, and I have the tools to be your best friend on this journey.

It's time for a radical transformation!


Most people go through life accepting the bad and the ugly. They accept the disease they feel every morning, the relationship that is going nowhere, the toxic friends constantly bringing them down. Every time they are making progress, something seems to be bringing them back to where they started.

We were not designed to live life this way, to suffer, to endure, to stay in our shadows and leave this Earth looking back at "what might have been".

It's unconfortable, intolerable, and most certainly unacceptable.

The good news is we are all here to live an abundant, vibrant life, to make our childhood dreams come true, to experience deep loving relationships based on trust and mutual growth.

You too, yes, you.

The solution

If you're reading this, you know deep down that you cannot accept to live this way anymore and you want change. You want change, you want to end the suffering and you want it now. You want to feel happy, free, and in control.

First of all: you should. You fully deserve it.

I know how to help you, I went through a radical transformation, and my life turned around in such ways that I have almost forgotten how I felt before! There's no way I could keep this to myself, so I am here to share that with you.

Here’s how it works: we will investigate your entire past, re-interpret it using new knowledge and from a bird’s-eye view, so you can see your life in a non-limiting and liberating way. I will help you through the different steps that will help you free yourself and go through your transformation.

As children, at a time where lack of love and security can threaten our very survival, the mind comes up with ingenious ways to cope. Our minds build different constructs in order to cope with what our environment and parents fail to provide us. These constructs are our lies. And today’s suffering results from the strong and continuing influence of these lies on ourselves.

My offer to you is to break free from them, today.

What is my promise?

  • Better, deeper and more satisfying relationships
  • Finally accept the mind and body you were given
  • Break through phobias, OCD, mental disorders or chronic pain by resolving and healing the underlying inner conflict
  • Reclaim your strength, life and your rules
  • Free yourself and heal from incest or other sexual traumas. Here is a safe haven for sexual abuse survivors.
  • You enjoy my undivided attention and support during your whole journey, I am with you ☺️


"Cyrille crossed my path at our « cosmic time », definitely synchronicity.

He brought into this transformative journey a soothing balance between intuition and pragmatism; the presence of connection. His posture, spirit, honesty and care gave me the confidence to dig deep into my life events so that I could acknowledge and understand the lies that were driving pretty much all of my destructive behaviours.

His gentle, and yet firm encouragement to pursue liberating activities allows me to move ahead in life with a new perspective of hope, joy and empowerment. If you feel ready to « emerge from the Phoenix » and you choose to work with Cyrille, I hope you enjoy the same boost of energy I did through this amazing life changing itinerary.

Thanks again Cyrille, you will forever be this incredible marker in my life."

"More than an attentive ear, Cyrille incarnates what we could refer as a true friend, someone who is not afraid to call out the honest truth about you and help you face the things you are attempting to hide.
In a nonjudgmental way, he achieves a kind, generous and focused transformation process that I was very grateful to undergo. He clearly masters the tools to unlock our minds potential in order to leap out of limiting and destructive patterns.

Thanks to him, I was able to confront certain events of my past in a loving manner, forgiving myself and others for what happened. He taught me to use key « traumatic » events in my life as a source of newfound understanding and courage.

Thank you Cyrille for teaching me Self-Acceptance."

"Après avoir rencontré Cyrille sur son île au Canada par hasard, j’ai tout de suite senti un feeling spécial et une connection très particulière. Son calme et sa bienveillance m’ont inspiré une grande confiance. Après plusieurs discussions au sujet de son travail et de son accompagnement, des mois plus tard et ma décision prise, je me suis lancé dans mon Festen grâce à son aide. De découverte en découverte sur moi-même j’étais vraiment dans l’attente de la séance suivante. Je ne peux pas expliquer la force que j’ai ressenti et qui montait jour après jour jusqu’à ma célébration. J’ai fait exploser les barrières qui m’entravaient depuis mon enfance. Et je me suis vu changer radicalement au point où je me suis moi-même pas reconnu.

Le suivi de Cyrille à mes côtés est tout simplement incroyable. Je me sens vraiment en confiance et en connection. Maintenant je le considère vraiment comme un ami plus que comme mon accompagnant Festen. Je n’ai aucun secret avec lui et cela restera sans doute une des personnes qui me connaît le plus en détail. Cette rencontre est comme un cadeau de la vie, je savais que je trouverais quelque chose de spécial au Canada mais j’étais loin d’imaginer le travail conséquent que j’ai pu faire avec son aide. Je sais que je peux me remercier de cela car tout part de ma décision personnelle mais je tiens quand même à dire un grand merci à la vie et tout particulièrement à toi Cyrille.

Merci de m’avoir mis sur la voie, le chemin et la compréhension de moi-même."

"This man helped me see light again while being in the depths of my darkness. He really brought me hope when I needed it the most, and through the tools and clarity he brought before me, that light has never dimmed and is bound to stick around eternally."

"My guru (jk) always helps me see what it is i’m really dealing with when i’m struggling with work or romantic relationships, he helps me see what is really underlying, something deeper influenced by my patterns/upbringing/environment…

Our conversations are not always easy because he sees right through my bullshit which sometimes makes me uncomfortable but it’s definitely worth it. There won’t be anymore detours when working with him, he will get straight to the core of your problem in a compassionate, loving and non-judgemental way."

"A mix of natural ways and logic, he makes you feel at ease by accepting life’s problems knowing there is always a solution.

He gives you every inch of himself and you take it all in like a sponge. Leave your ego-driven brain behind and follow his journey, I truly believe he was born to share his wisdom."

About me


My name is Cyrille Labesse, born close to the french capital, and grateful to have grown up in the US, the UK, and South Africa. More recently, I've moved to magnificent Bowen Island, in British Columbia, Canada for.. well, the beauty!

But that doesn't matter that much, what matters is the way I feel connected and free when I'm strumming on my guitar, or spiraling upwards with the vultures. I spend all my time enjoying the things I love like making the creamiest hummus, working on my next inspiring project, flying, or simply walking around in the woods and pissing off my squirrel friends 😁

I love being alive!

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It wasn’t always that way.

Like so many others, my childhood was not exactly what a child dreams of. Most of it was spent preparing myself mentally to survive next dramatic episode. I was living a very closed life, terrified of others, of women, of myself. Looking back on that time, I remember feeling truly miserable. When I turned 20, I cut the last cord that was tying me to my family, and rather than feeling liberated, I fell into a deep self-destructive spiral, fueled by video game addiction, total isolation, heavy chain-smoking, no exercise, and the worst kind of food I could find at the time. I wanted to die.

In March 2016, I suffered one of the strongest energy-depleting episodes I had experienced until then, and I decided it was time to do something about it. As luck would have it, or perhaps by fate, my old friend had been talking about this method and how it changed the life of another friend of hers. So I went online and contacted Cédric to start the program. Change started happening the moment I got in touch with him, and within weeks my whole dynamic had taken a turn; I was ready to let it all go. Since the summer solstice of 2016, every part of my life had been growing towards what I knew to be my unique and authentic self. My ulcers were healed, my gastro-intestinal issues gone, and to this day I feel light, relaxed, confident and in connection with everyone around me. I wake up each morning with butterflies in my stomach (instead of pain and acid reflux), tickling me as if to say “knock, knock! We’re here! What kind of fun shall we have today?”.


Sessions are done in person on Bowen Island, or online through Zoom. I am bilingual in both French and English.

The full liberation package that I offer you contains the following:

  • Initial session + 12 (or 13) 2-hour sessions
  • 2 tailored 1-on-1 personal readings
  • All pre-session preparation work to fast-track our sessions and make our time together the most effective
  • Access to numerours state-of-the-art tools, curated to your personal being, made to support you along the path
  • Access to my support 24/7 in case hard times come. I am your best supporter in the program, and I will answer your most urgent calls as soon as I can
  • Exclusivity: I only take in a small number of clients at a time to make sure I am devoted to your success
  • Questions answered and more tools for life after your liberation
  • References to other specialized therapists, nutritionists… depending on your specific needs.

Want to learn more?

Has a question come up? Or do you simply have something to tell me?

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I want to see all of you deployed, free, in control and deeply happy! Mind is only what's in the way, and the moment you reclaim control over it is much closer than you think…
Wherever you may be and however you may feel at this moment, I wish you all the best in your quest for freedom and well-being.

With all I have to give,